H&I Chili Cook-Off Winners

On Behalf of the Harbor Area H&I team, we want to thank everyone who supported and attended the event Sept 22nd. We know many of you worked hard at cooking chili, decorating booths and donating Auction Items. Thanks again for your commitment to help Carry the Message of AA to those in need.

2018 Chili Cook Off Awards!

Best Chili

  • 1st Place Lucky 13- Saturday morning Sunset beach meeting
  • 2nd Place Nomads Mens Meeting Sunset Beach at Thursday
  • 3rd Place Paramount Speakers Sunday night at the Snake Pit
  • Best Alternative Chili

    • 1st Place Thursday Night at the fights- Long Beach
    • 2nd Place Bellflower Big Book
    • 3rd Place Marina Pacifica Morn Meeting
    • Best Decorated Booth

      • 1st Place Killer Chili- chili you would die for!
      • 2nd Place Bellflower Big Book Disco
      • 3rd Place MArina Pacifica – Neanderthal/Cave Man and Woman