Bill W 1960 GSC On Communication

Bill W 1960 GSC On Communication

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<p>This month, as the 2021 General Service Conference has wrapped up and delegates begin their share backs. . . as we turn another corner on the road to post-pandemic life. . .  we look back to the 1960 GSC talk by Bill W., ‘On Communication’ as he speaks about AA in an era of change. He believed that A.A., on its 25th anniversary, was at a turning point and the talk was a look back on how far A.A. had come in 25 years and what might lie ahead. I don’t believe Bill W. could have imagined what A.A. and the fellowship has been through this past year.  But when you read this talk, you’re assured he was confident that A.A. has the resilience and resolve to face any challenge head-on.</p>

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