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Hope everyone is staying safe!! Even though we are not paying rent and coffee expenses at our individual meetings, Central Office still is. Maybe consider estimating what you would have donated and send a check (payable to HACO) to 3450 E. Spring St., #109, Long Beach, CA 90806-2481 .... Or even do a "drive-thru donation drop". If a visitor is masked, they are welcome to come in, and accept the contribution and give you a receipt. Check or cash or even credit card!!! Let's all do our part to ensure our Central Office stays healthy too!!!!     Easy does it.
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    I appreciate staying updated through the Harbor Light AA Newsletter’s material such as reading stories on the 12 Steps, hearing about what the 12 Traditions Mean to Others, and staying informed on the Latest Events and Happennings in the Harbor Area!

    The March 2021 Harbor Light is Published

    Harbor Light, Mar 2021

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    by Erica O.



    PRAASA 2021 – March 5th-7th


    Click Image Below to visit PRAASA 2021 Website

    The purpose of PRAASA is to:

    • Develop greater unity among the members, groups, and areas of the Pacific Region
    • Encourage the exchange of ideas and experiences
    • Provide an opportunity for members to discuss pertinent aspects of Alcoholics Anonymous.
    • Foster the Recovery, Unity, and Service legacies of Alcoholics Anonymous.

    Safety in A.A.

    Alcoholics Anonymous, COVID-19 and Our Seventh Tradition

    June 19, 2020

    Dear A.A. friends,

    We in A.A. – here at G.S.O., along with the rest of the world – continue to experience an unprecedented situation. Without question, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Fellowship, including our organized service structure, is facing enormous challenges, locally and globally. For many of us, the most prominent example is that, for the first time in the 85-year history of our Fellowship, we are navigating the lack of face-to-face meetings. While we have found creative ways to allow for the vital interaction between one alcoholic and another, and welcoming newcomers daily, it is clear that the health crisis has other far-reaching consequences.

    As we all adapt to the present reality of digital meetings, the question now is, “How do we responsibly practice self-support, our Seventh Tradition?” As we can no longer pass a physical basket, we are working to find ways to support the Fellowship at all levels, from our groups to Intergroups and Central Offices, from our Districts and Areas to the General Service Office itself.

    The reality is that even though meetings, Twelfth Step services and operations have shifted to a virtual environment, expenses continue to accumulate during this crisis, which underscores the importance of practicing the Seventh Tradition. Through this crisis, however, we have witnessed the many ways in which the entire A.A. Fellowship has come together to provide ongoing support. Among them:

    Many home groups are still paying rent even though their meetings cannot convene. They are also providing online meetings on platforms that may have associated costs.

    Intergroup/Central Offices are still stocking needed literature and fielding Twelfth Step calls, redirecting A.A. members and those looking for recovery to online meetings. Area-level committees are working to keep channels open between the Fellowship and the delegates and board members that make up our General Service Conference, as well as to do public information, corrections and other service.

    G.S.O. in New York is continuing to support all levels of service. Literature still needs to be published and distributed, calls need to be answered, online platforms still need to be updated, and support operations sustained.

    In an effort to keep the membership informed during this challenging time we would like to share a brief three-minute video update from Leslie Backus, the Class A (nonalcoholic) treasurer of our General Service Board.

    Three-minute video update from Leslie Backus, treasurer of our General Service Board

    Please feel free to pass this information along to members and groups in your Area to watch on their own time or to play before their online meetings.

    We are so grateful for your time and attention, your dedicated service and – always – your generous support.

    Yours sincerely, in fellowship,

    G. Gregory Tobin General Manager

    Helpful Questions and Guidelines from NY Intergroup about Reopening AA Meetings After COVID-19

    Reopening Meetings After COVID-19 Questions and Guidelines from NY Intergroup
    Reopening Meetings After COVID-19 Questions and Guidelines from NY Intergroup

    Central Office Physically Open Starting 4/2/20

    Central Office Physically Open Starting 4/2/20

    Coronavirus and Online & Virtual A.A. Meetings

    • Internationally: A.A. Japan 45th Anniversary Convention - - is Officially Cancelled.
    With the spread of the new coronavirus, [General Service Board AA Japan] have decided not to hold the 45th anniversary of AA Japan from March 20 to 22, 2020.

    Healthy Precautions:

    Contact Local Health Authorities on proper guidance:

    Virtual Meetings and Virtual Meeting Lists

    * if your meeting wants to be on our Virtual Meeting List, please email us.

    Anonymity and Online Meeetings

    Please find a Message on Anonymity from NY Intergroup, by clicking the link.

    AA General Service Office on Coronavirus

    AA GSO on Coronavirus

    For those choosing not to attend meetings in person due to Coronavirus, is available.

    Virtual AA Meeting Resources

    Self Support

    *With kind thanks to MSCA09 for this info at

    Reopening AA Meetings

    "District 04 has assembled various materials that may assist AA groups in deciding how, when, and with what changes they may need to/choose to implement as meetings are allowed to return to face to face."

    **With kind thanks to District 04, Area 09 for this info at

    AA Video Public Service Announcement

    Sobriety in A.A.: We made changes to stop drinking

    or view now on!

    Getting Sober and Staying Sober

    "A.A. concentrates on helping those who are already alcoholics, so that they can stop drinking and learn how to live a normal, happy life without alcohol."

    sober events

    What’s New from the Archives of the Harbor Area Central Office

  • The Historical Documents contains the new document -- AA in Long Beach, The First Known Newspaper Story. This month we take a look back at the first known newspaper story about AA in Long Beach. As we begin the new year those challenges and changes remain. In that light, a few words of reflection from Bill W.
  • We Need the help of AA Groups in our area to tell the Harbor Area Archives Committee about their group history.
    Please visit our Archives Page, for more details.
  • The March 2021 Harbor Light is published and posted to our Harbor Light Pages.
  • The Historical Documents section has been improved, to show easily accessible pdf documents.
    Please visit our Documents Page, for more details.
  • Speaker Tapes, in mp3 format, have been posted to our website.
    Please visit our AA Speaker Archives Page, for more details, including new speakers Alabam C., Anthony H., Donna E., Kip C., Norm S., Ron S., Tom B.

  • listen to aa speakers

    A Brief History of the Harbor Area Central Office

    The Harbor Area Central Office was first formed in May of 1948 in the Long Beach home of Clarence and Flossie L. It was listed as Alcoholics Anonymous Harbor District. In 1950, Central Office had it first location on Molino Avenue. In 1952 there were 52 registered groups using the services of Central Office. Over the years that number has grown. By 1960 there were 62 groups registered and to date 756 meetings have registered with Central Office. On June 1, 1997 Central Office moved to its current location. On June 8th, 1997 there was a grand opening of the new office currently located at 3450 E. Spring Street. (Taken from “A Brief History of the Harbor Area Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous 1948-2008”.) Central Office has always had a list of volunteers to answer the phones for the Alcoholic that still suffers who may be looking for a meeting or in need of literature.

    Read More in Archives Page...



    Questions about Alcoholics Anonymous

    "We do not like to pronounce any individual as an Alcoholic, but you can quickly diagnose yourself." - Alcoholics Anonymous, Ch 3

    • Is AA for You?  (available with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

    more about aa