Keep It Simple, Simply A Roundup 2018 A 12-step Round-Up hosted by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Recovery Community of Long Beach, California. All are welcome! Mar 9-10, 2018, in Long Beach. 370 Junipero Ave, Long Beach, CA

A.A. Speaker Meetings A.A. Topic/Discussion Meetings Al-Anon Meetings A.A. Banquet ($) A.A. Breakfast ($) Al-Anon Luncheon ($) Golf Tournament ($) Fun Run / Walk ($) Dances ($) For details please visit Desert Pow Wow Page.

Bill W. DocumentaryMovie Night at the AA Archives in Riverside — for more details, please view flyer.

Featuring:Live MusicFOODGamesRaffles view map to location of picnic

for more details please check event website.

Spend a day learning about AA’s 12 Traditions. How did they come to be and why are they necessary? Fellowship, facts, food, and fun!

Districts 6 & 18 invite you to join us for: Guest speakers sharing the history and experience with our “meeting in print”tips on writing for the Grapevine.

“Get Your Kicks at SoCal’s 66th”, September 29th thru Oct 1st 2017 Speaker Meetings Spanish Meetings Al-Anon Meetings Marathon Meetings Panels A.A. Banquet Alanon Luncheon Golf Tournament Fun Run / Walk Dances Friday and Saturday Night please check for more details.

COME HAVE SOME FUN…JOIN US AT OUR: Opening Ceremonies Golf Tournament Block Party / BBQ Poker Run and Meeting Al-Anon Luncheon Banquet, Show & Meeting AA Longtimers Meeting Al-Anon Longtimers Tea Musicians’s Meeting Family Breakfast Meeting Al-Anon Luncheon Vegas Night For more details, please visit

Activities include: Marathon Meetings Sobriety Countdown Speaker Meetings Barbeque Golf 5K Fun Run/Walk Al-Anon Events Fellowship For more details, please visit