Harbor Light - 2015/03

Harbor Light - 2015/03

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“Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.” I didn’t want to become an alcoholic. I became one after my first drink; that drink was the solution to all of my affairs up to that point, for seventeen years. At the age of thirty-eight, I was ordered to Alcoholics Anonymous by a judge. He gave me a choice; I could go to prison for child abandonment or go into a recovery center. Since I had been to jails and institutions before, I chose a recovery home in Bellflower. When I got to the recovery center, I was physically, spiritually, and emotionally broken. I didn’t know that I was powerless and hopeless. I remember the day when I was living in an alley with a baby, and got on my knees and asked God for help. At that point, I honestly thought I would die in that alley with a tag on my toe saying “Jane Doe.” As the fog lifted, I thanked God for the judge that knew what I needed, Alcoholics Anonymous.
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