Harbor Light – 2015/04

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“Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.” The following preface to this subject matter is a poem I wrote after the last fourth step I finished: The choices I made yesterday are no longer the redeemers of my destiny. I stand today a man not governed by his predisposition to self-doubt and misguided self-will, but as a man lead by faith and courage, love and honesty, patience and integrity. The choices I made yesterday are but a guiding light into the void from whence I came, they are a series of beacons lighting a ferocious path across the ocean marking my journey as it began at the precipice of eternity. Courage will guide me through the troubled wa ters of my past and with faith I will persevere in my quest to understand my own true motivations, for these beacons I once looked at them with pain and guilt. These markers will become testaments of hope as I find enlightenment on my journey.