Harbor Light – 2018/12

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Twelve Step Work Today

Spiritual awakening was not a phrase in my vocabulary when I came into the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous. Most words in the big book actually felt foreign to me in my early days of sobriety. I remember hearing the twelve steps over and over in meetings and feeling as if step twelve (sponsoring and sharing the message) was so far from anything I was capable of contributing to. needless to say I think we all come into the rooms as newcomers and feel as if we have little to give. Looking around my home group I saw a woman who talked to every newcomer woman, constantly gave rides to girls, and helped others at the meetings. I chose her as my sponsor because she seemed to know not only how to stay sober but to help others do that also. My first sponsor taught me so much about being of service which essentially is step 12.The first part of step 12 assumes that we have had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps which means that you have taken the previous eleven!