What’s New from the Archives of the Harbor Area Central Office

  • The Historical Documents contains the new Documents — Voluntary Contributions Letter by Bill W, 1950 & Flyers on Self Support. This month, the Harbor Area Archives presents a copy of the original five-page letter from Bill W. Also included is a document package comprising six flyers issued by the General Service Board of A.A. on the importance of self-support.
  • We Need the help of AA Groups in our area to tell the Harbor Area Archives Committee about their group history.
    -Please visit our Archives Page, for more details.
  • The Historical Documents section has been improved, to show easily accessible pdf documents.
    -Please visit our Documents Page, for more details.
  • Speaker Tapes, in mp3 format, have been posted to our website.
    -Please visit our AA Speaker Archives Page, for more details.

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