6:30 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTAtlantic Alano Club600 Redondo AveLONG BEACHDiscussion, LGBTQ
6:30 amVA ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTBuilding 128 J2165901 E 7th StLONG BEACHDiscussion, Participation
6:30 amEARLY ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTIntercity Fellowship Hall5881 Cherry AveLONG BEACHDiscussion, Wheelchair Access
6:30 amVA ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTRecovery Center2050 W Williams StLONG BEACHParticipation
6:45 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTChurch of Christ6500 Del Amo BlvdLAKEWOOD
7:00 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTBelmont Shore Chalet - Marina Pacifica5107 E Ocean BlvdLONG BEACH1 Hour, Wheelchair Access
7:00 amEARLY BIRDImperial Alano Club8021 Rosecrans AvePARAMOUNT
7:00 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTSan Pedro Alano Club807 S Pacific AveSAN PEDRO1 Hour, Discussion
7:00 amMOSTLY MEDITATIONSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERWheelchair Access
7:00 amGOLDEN KEY GROUPShepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church15215 Janine DrWHITTIER
7:00 amSURRENDER IS FREEDOMSt. Isidores Church (Main Hall)10961 Reagan StLOS ALAMITOS1 Hour, Wheelchair Access
7:15 amSOBER SUNDAY SUNRISEThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACH
7:30 amRULE 62 BIG BOOK STUDYMWA835 E 33rd StLONG BEACHBook Study, Wheelchair Access
8:00 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTTorrance-Lomita Alano Club1645 Arlington AveTORRANCE
8:30 amATTITUDE ADJUSTMENTRound Table1233 E 4th StLONG BEACH1 Hour, Participation, Wheelchair Access
8:30 amSOBER LIVINGSan Pedro Alano Club807 S Pacific AveSAN PEDRO1 Hour, Discussion, Wheelchair Access
8:30 am11th STEP STUDYSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERWheelchair Access
9:00 amNEW AMBITION BEGINNERSAtlantic Alano Club600 Redondo AveLONG BEACH1 Hour, Discussion, LGBTQ, Participation
9:00 amHIGH ON LIFE GPMWA835 E 33rd StLONG BEACHSpeaker, Wheelchair Access
9:00 amSERENITY SUNDAYVets Hall411 W 10th StSAN PEDRO
9:15 amPARTICIPATIONThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACH
10:00 amREDONDO SAPPHIREAve "C" at the BeachRedondo Beach, CA 90277REDONDO BEACH
10:00 amSUNSET BEACHBeachBolsa Chica ParkSUNSET BEACH
10:00 amSUN SAND SURF & SERENITYOn the Beach between 12th and 13th St1200 E Seal WaySEAL BEACH
10:30 amDRUNKS ON THE DUNESOn the Beach15 1st StSEAL BEACHDiscussion
10:30 am12 PROMISES GROUPSan Pedro Alano Club807 S Pacific AveSAN PEDRODiscussion
11:00 amSUNDAY SPIRITUAL GROUPImperial Alano Club8021 Rosecrans AvePARAMOUNT
11:00 am11TH HR. MORNING MEETINGIntercity Fellowship Hall5881 Cherry AveLONG BEACHDiscussion, Wheelchair Access
11:00 amDOWNEY BEGINNERSKaiser Salellite Office12200 Bellflower Blvd Rm # 17DOWNEYParticipation, Wheelchair Access
11:00 amPARTICIPATIONSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERDiscussion, Wheelchair Access
11:00 amINNER PEACEThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACH
11:00 amTLCTorrance-Lomita Alano Club1645 Arlington AveTORRANCESpeaker
11:30 amSUNSPOTSBeachOcean AveLONG BEACH
1:00 pmSTEP SISTERS WomenThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACHClosed, Step Study, Women
1:30 pmLIVING SOBERCompton Alano Club401 N Bullis RdCOMPTONParticipation
2:00 pmSISTERS IN SOBRIETY WomenMWA835 E 33rd StLONG BEACHClosed, Participation, Wheelchair Access, Women
2:00 pmWOMENS MEETING WomenSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERClosed, Wheelchair Access, Women
3:00 pmSEX IN SOBRIETY MenAtlantic Alano Club600 Redondo AveLONG BEACH1 Hour, Closed, Discussion, LGBTQ, Men, Participation
3:00 pmBEAT A DEAD HORSEThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACH
4:00 pmBOOK STUDYBelmont Shore Chalet - Marina Pacifica5107 E Ocean BlvdLONG BEACHBook Study, Wheelchair Access
4:00 pmHAPPY HOUR TOPIC DISCUSSIONTwin Town Treatment (2nd floor)4376 Katella AveLOS ALAMITOS1 Hour, Wheelchair Access
4:30 pmMEN'S BOOK STUDY MenMWA835 E 33rd StLONG BEACHBook Study, Men, Wheelchair Access
5:00 pmROUNDTABLERound Table1233 E 4th StLONG BEACH1 Hour, Wheelchair Access
5:00 pmSUNDAY SUNDOWNERSThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACH
5:00 pm10+ GROUPUnitarian Universalist Church5450 E Atherton StLONG BEACHLGBTQ, Wheelchair Access
5:30 pm24 Hours A DAYSan Pedro Alano Club807 S Pacific AveSAN PEDRO1 Hour, Discussion, Participation, Wheelchair Access
6:00 pmMOMMAS MEETING14311 Crossdale Ave., NORWALK, CA 9065014311 Crossdale AveNORWALKDiscussion
6:00 pmJUST FOR TODAYClub424 E Compton BlvdCOMPTONDiscussion
6:00 pmPEARLS BEFORE SWINEIntercity Fellowship Hall5881 Cherry AveLONG BEACHBook Study, Wheelchair Access
6:00 pmSPIRITUAL GROWTH 11th STEPSeacoast Grace Church5100 W Cerritos AveCYPRESS1 Hour, Discussion
6:00 pmMENS BIG BOOK MenSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERMen, Wheelchair Access
6:00 pmBIG BOOK STUDYTwin Town Treatment (2nd floor)4376 Katella AveLOS ALAMITOSBook Study
6:30 pm12 STEPS and 12 TRADITIONS GROUPChurch370 Junipero AveLONG BEACH1 Hour, Closed, LGBTQ, Step Study
6:30 pmNO NONSENSEMedical Center Basement514 N Prospect AveREDONDO BEACHClosed, Participation
6:30 pmWOMEN DO RECOVER WomenRedgate Recovery Center1775 Chestnut AveLONG BEACHDiscussion, Participation, Wheelchair Access, Women
7:00 pmCANDLEWOOD GROUPChurch Rm 114714 Clark AveLAKEWOOD
7:00 pmPARAMOUNT SPEAKERSImperial Alano Club8021 Rosecrans AvePARAMOUNTSpeaker
7:00 pmSPEAKER/PARTICIPATIONKaiser Permanente Hospital23621 S Main StCARSONSpeaker
7:00 pmGRASSROOTS WomenLittle House9718 Harvard StBELLFLOWER1 Hour, Closed, Participation, Speaker, Women
7:00 pmEAST BAY SPEAKER MEETINGLos Altos Church of Christ5550 E Atherton StLONG BEACHParticipation, Speaker
7:00 pmNO SECRETSLos Altos Methodist Ch.5950 E Willow StLONG BEACHParticipation
7:00 pmSIGNAL HILL SPEAKERSMWA835 E 33rd StLONG BEACHSpeaker, Wheelchair Access
7:00 pmCHANGING SPIRITSRecovery Center2120 W Williams St #1LONG BEACH
7:00 pmCRACK THE BIG BOOK YOUNG PPLRoyal Cup Cafe994 Redondo AveLONG BEACHDiscussion
7:00 pmSUNSET BEACH 11TH STEP STUDYThursdays16865 Pacific Coast HwySUNSET BEACHStep Study
7:00 pmALANZA LAST HOPETrinity Lutheran Church Upstairs759 Linden AveLONG BEACHSpeaker
7:30 pmTHERE IS A WAYBellflower Methodist Church14527 Bellflower BlvdBELLFLOWER
7:30 pm5420 GROUPChurch3908 Woodruff AveLONG BEACH
7:30 pmDOWNEY 5th StDowney Methodist Church10801 Downey AveDOWNEY
7:30 pmCANDLELIGHTSan Pedro Alano Club807 S Pacific AveSAN PEDRODiscussion
7:30 pmLIVE and LET LIVETorrance-Lomita Alano Club1645 Arlington AveTORRANCE
8:00 pm12 and 12 DiscussionHarmony Center12907 Bailey StWHITTIERClosed
8:00 pmFIRESIDE SPEAKERSOrange County Christian School641 S Western AveANAHEIMSpeaker
8:00 pmGRATITUDERound Table1233 E 4th StLONG BEACHDiscussion
8:00 pmSUNDAY NIGHT PARTICIPATIONSerenity Hall12336 Penn StWHITTIERDiscussion, Wheelchair Access
8:00 pmBEACON HOUSE GANGVets Hall441 W 10th StSAN PEDRO