6:30 am EARLY ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT Intercity Fellowship Hall 5881 Cherry Ave LONG BEACH Discussion, Wheelchair Access
7:15 am RULE 62 ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT MWA 835 E 33rd St LONG BEACH 1 Hour, Discussion
5:30 pm 702 GIRLS Women LIttle Brown Mission 600 E 5th St LONG BEACH Discussion, Wheelchair Access, Women
6:30 pm SOBER GENDER NON CONFORMISTS The Center 2017 E 4th St LONG BEACH 1 Hour, Discussion, LGBTQ, Participation
7:00 pm CARRY THE MESSAGE St. Maria Goretti Church 3954 Palo Verde Ave LONG BEACH Discussion, Participation, Wheelchair Access
7:30 pm TRUDGERS HOME GROUP St Andrews 1432 Engracia Ave TORRANCE Discussion