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Hispanic Womens Workshop

On Dec 3, 2017, there will be a workshop specifically for Hispanic Women in AA, held in Pasadena. Participating Areas include 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, & 93. For more details, view event page.


What’s New from the Archives of the Harbor Area Central Office

  • The Historical Documents contains the new Document -- Unforgettable Bill W. This month from the Harbor Area Archives, an article written for the April 1986 issue of *Reader’s Digest* by Bob P. entitled “Unforgettable Bill W.”* The author, whose story appears in the Big Book on p.553 (4th ed.), managed A.A.’s General Service Office for ten years and served as both director and trustee of the General Service Board.
  • We Need the help of AA Groups in our area to tell the Harbor Area Archives Committee about their group history.
    -Please visit our Archives Page, for more details.
  • The Historical Documents section has been improved, to show easily accessible pdf documents.
    -Please visit our Documents Page, for more details.
  • Speaker Tapes, in mp3 format, have been posted to our website.
    -Please visit our AA Speaker Archives Page, for more details.

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I Have Hope - A New Public Service Announcement from

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Questions about Alcoholics Anonymous

"We do not like to pronounce any individual as an Alcoholic, but you can quickly diagnose yourself." - Alcoholics Anonymous, Ch 3

  • Is AA for You?  (available with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.)

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A Brief History of the Harbor Area Central Office

The Harbor Area Central Office was first formed in May of 1948 in the Long Beach home of Clarence and Flossie L. It was listed as Alcoholics Anonymous Harbor District. In 1950, Central Office had it first location on Molino Avenue. In 1952 there were 52 registered groups using the services of Central Office. Over the years that number has grown. By 1960 there were 62 groups registered and to date 756 meetings have registered with Central Office. On June 1, 1997 Central Office moved to its current location. On June 8th, 1997 there was a grand opening of the new office currently located at 3450 E. Spring Street. (Taken from “A Brief History of the Harbor Area Central Office of Alcoholics Anonymous 1948-2008”.) Central Office has always had a list of volunteers to answer the phones for the Alcoholic that still suffers who may be looking for a meeting or in need of literature.

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