Harbor Light - 2015/08

Harbor Light - 2015/08

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“Made a List of all people I had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.” MY BUCKET LIST I’ve heard the term “bucket list” and understand it to be a list of thing that I want to accomplish before I transion from this earthly body. The 8th step was my personal “bucket list”, which consisted of people, instuons and principals that needed to be dealt with before I could begin a life-long journey of recovery from alcoholism. While the term bucket list is o$en used as described above, there, too, is a Hollywood producon of the same name starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. In this movie, Jack Nicholson tries to convince Morgan Freeman to join him on his bucket list adventures, one of which was sky diving. Morgan Free man was unwilling to jump, and just like the Morgan Freeman character, I was unwilling to jump into the amends process in Step 9. The thought of making amends to th e people on my list was as scary a prospect as free falling towards the earth depicted in the movie’s skydiving scenario. Thankfully, my sponsor managed to pierce through my fear by reminding me that I’d made a vow to go to any length to stop drinking and using and, just like in the movie, I had a parachute, which is the fellowship of AA.
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